Expatriates Unit Key Employee Initiative – Who is Eligible

Expatriates Unit

The fast-track route is available to third-country nationals who have received a job offer in Malta for a managerial or highly technical position, which position requires the relevant qualifications or adequate experience applicable to the job.


Eligibility criteria will include, amongst other documentation submitted to Identità proof of:


  • an annual gross salary of at least €35,000 per annum;
  • certified copies of the relevant qualifications, warrants or proof of work experience.

The KEI is also extended to innovators involved in start-up projects which are specifically endorsed by Malta Enterprise.


Approved applicants will be issued with a residence permit which will be valid for a period of one year in its initial year. Subsequently, this may be renewed for a longer period (up to three years), provided that the employee presents:


  • a valid definite or indefinite contract, and;
  • the original annual tax declaration form stamped by the Inland Revenue Department.
    The administrative process of KEI applications follows that of the regular Single Permit, including the due diligence process, however the process is fast-tracked.

Applicable fee: €300.

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