Searches Sec Page – Searches on Wills (Testamentary Searches)


Although notes on wills are issued within the Transfers in Normal and Priority searches, a client can choose to submit a search on Wills only with the aim of establishing whether an individual would have drawn up any will or whether the said will is enrolled with the Malta & Gozo Public Registries. This search carries two standard fees: €13.85 if the requested timeframe starts prior to 1972 or €10.00 if the timeframe starts from 1972 onwards.


The client submitting any search is asked to provide his particulars namely:

  • ID/Passport number;
  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Contact number;
  • Email address;
  • Postal address.

Followed by the details on the individual being searched:

  • Name & Surname;
  • Spouse’s name and surname;
  • Father’s name and surname of the person to be searched;
  • Mother’s name and surname of the person to be searched;
  • Birthplace.

In the case of a search on a firm/company, the client is asked to provide:

  • Name of company;
  • Company registration number.

Once the request is processed, a document containing the client’s details and all search order parameters is printed. The latter is attached with a second document containing the search order disclaimer in Maltese and English.


A deposit incorporating the entire fee is required. Will Searches are posted after issuance.

The process for submitting a Secret Will Search is the same as that mentioned above, with the exception that you must choose Secret Wills in Step 2 and then continue by providing the information requested. Once the search is submitted and the payment is made, it is forwarded to the Civil Jurisdiction section within the Law Courts where it starts to be processed. A standard fee of €15 applies. Any other queries related to the processing and issuing of these searches may be forwarded to: