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European Union Nationals


EU Nationals do not need a permit to reside and work in Malta.


The Free Movement of European Union Nationals and their Family Members Order 2007 which transposes the provisions of the European Union Council Directive 2004/38 of the European Parliament, and the Council of 29th April 2004 makes provisions for the implementation and administration of EU and EEA nationals’ right, in exercising their free movement.


Amendments were made to this Order by means of Legal Notice 329 of 2011 and Legal Notice 107 of 2012.


European Economic Area Nationals


European Economic Area (EEA) nationals have the right to reside in Malta when exercising their treaty rights as workers, self-employed persons, economically self-sufficient persons, family members, exempt or students. Such rights may be restricted on the grounds of public policy, public security, public health or if they become an unreasonable burden on Malta’s social assistance system.