Passport Office Sec Page – FAQs

 Passport Office

If the applicant is temporary physically impaired and his/her fingerprint’s biometric data cannot be captured, a passport valid for one (1) year or less is issued. The Passport Office cannot capture two (2) different fingerprints of the same hand. A passport valid for a full cycle may be then issued once the individual recovers from his/her temporary physical impairment and can have his/her fingerprints captured. In such cases, the applicant will have to submit his/her current passport for cancellation, fill in Form A and pay the application fee. Only in those cases where an applicant is permanently physically impaired and cannot have his/her fingerprints captured will the Passport Office issue a passport valid for a full cycle. Such cases are assessed on an individual basis by the Principal Passport Officer or his/her designate. The applicant would still be required to personally call in the Passport Office and have his/her digital photo and signature taken.

On the other hand, if an applicant is over the age of twelve (12) years and is unable to call in person to apply for his/her passport and have his/her fingerprints captured due to a temporary or permanent medical reason, sickness or because of old age, he/she will be issued with a passport which is valid for one (1) year or less. In such circumstances, a medical certificate must be submitted to sustain the applicant’s claim of infirmity.

In the unlikely event that the fingerprint capturing station fails to capture the applicant’s fingerprint because of a technical problem (especially in urgent matters and in the case of outside office hours service), the Passport Office will issue a passport without the encoded fingerprints, which will be valid for one (1) year or less.

If the fingerprints captured on collection does not match that stored on the e-passport’s chip, the travel document will not be released, and the matter will be investigated by the Passport Officer in charge.