Expatriates Unit Specialist Employee Initiative – Application Procedure

Expatriates Unit

Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) applications may only be submitted by the employer, in the capacity of the Maltese organisation entrusting the carrying out of specific employment to the non-EU national.
Employers may apply for a third-country national through the Single Permit Online Portal. Follow these guidelines to apply and gain access to the portal.


Once access is approved by Identità, the employer can log into the Single Permit Online Portal. Guidelines to submit and manage existing applications can be found here.
Once the employer submits an application, the third-country national receives a link to confirm the application and validate the data submitted. Once confirmation is submitted, the employer will receive a notification for the final submission of the application.
Final submissions may only be done if the payment has been submitted online, by either the employer or the third-country national.


Applicable fee: €300.


Applicants whose applications are approved will be issued with a residence permit which will be valid for a period of one year in its initial year. This permit may be renewed for a longer period (up to three years), provided that the employee continues to satisfy the eligibility criteria and his employment contract covers all the validity period.

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