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The responsibilities of the Public Registry originate from the Public Registry Act (Cap. 56), the Marriage Act (Cap. 255), the Civil Unions Act (Cap. 530), and the Civil Code (Cap. 16) (Articles 1 to 306).

Article 238 (1) of the Civil Code (Cap 16 of the Laws of Malta) requires that; “In the Public Registry Office in Malta and in Gozo, there shall be kept five register books: one for the registration of acts of birth, one for the registration of acts of marriage, another for the registration of civil unions, another for the registration of acts of death, and the fifth for the registration of the deeds of cohabitation.”.


The Public Registry was founded on 3rd August 1889, but its records date back to 1863. Records kept at the Public Registry include acts of birth, marriage, civil union, death, and adoption registrations.

All documents presented are retained and indefinitely preserved in the Archives of the Public Registry.


Malta Public Registry

        Onda Building,

        Aldo Moro Street,

        Marsa, MRS 9065

(+356) 2590 4200


Gozo Public Registry

        132, Level 2, 

        George Borg Olivier Street,

        Victoria, Gozo

(+356) 2215 6388