Published on 12 June 2024

Identità publishes its 2023 Annual Report

Strengthening governance and broadening digital services remain top priority for the Agency.

Identità publishes its 2023 Annual Report

Over the past year, Identità has prioritised its digital investment and strengthening governance. According to data in the newly published 2023 Annual Report, the agency states that the number of inspections conducted by its Compliance Section increased from 40 in 2022 to 176 in 2023.


On its 10th anniversary the agency revealed its new brand, including a new name and new look. Under the name of Identità, the Agency unveiled a new logo attesting to its commitment to security protection, the Maltese identity and the holistic digital approach in all services provided by the Agency. These same elements were reflected in the ambitious new strategic plan launched towards the end of the year.


Digitised services are rapidly increasing, with more customers receiving their required services from the convenience of their own homes. Almost 60% of birth, death, and marriage certificates were obtained through the new Public Registry portal, which has been integrated with the Birth and Death Notifications portal in order to provide the public with a comprehensive service from a single online source.


Other new digital platforms include the new Expatriates Unit portal, which includes all services sought by foreign nationals seeking residence documents for their legal position in Malta, and the Searches Unit portal.


The Agency's commitment to its clients is also shown in the thousands of emails and phone calls received by the Customer Support and Response Unit, which registered over 110,000 calls and 130,000 emails in total.


The agency's commitment to providing efficient services with as little bureaucracy as possible while also safeguarding the country's security has been acknowledged with two Public Service Quality Awards. These Quality Awards acknowledge exceptional performance and quality services at the Passport Office and the Identity Cards Unit.


You may access agency’s 2023 annual report from this link.

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