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Following the issuance of a refusal letter by the Maltese authorities when a Visa application is refused, annulled or revoked, the applicant has a right to appeal within fifteen (15) days of the notification of such decision.


Such appeal is to be lodged before the Registry of the Honourable Board at a fee of 120 euro per Visa application. Furthermore, appeals are to be lodged in person by visiting the offices of the Immigration Appeals Board at the following address:


The Secretary

Immigration Appeals Board

15, First Floor,

City Gate Buildings,

Ordinance Street, Valletta


Alternatively, one may wish to send a representative to lodge an appeal in their name.


It is important that when lodging the appeal, a copy of the refusal letter is attached, as well as any documents the applicant may deem relevant. Such documents must be certified true copies of original by a lawyer or notary. Also note that the date of lodging the appeal will be considered as the date on which the first contact with offices of the Registry of the Board was made.


For further information kindly contact the Immigration Appeals Board on: visa.appeals@gov.mt or immigrationappealsboard@gov.mt.

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