Expatriates Unit Intra-Corporate Transferee Workers – Documents Required

Expatriates Unit

You shall submit an application for an intra-corporate transferee permit to Identità, endorsed by the host entity and shall:


  • provide evidence that the host entity and the undertaking established in a third country belong to the same undertaking or group of undertakings;
  • provide evidence of employment within the same undertaking or group of undertakings;
  • present a contract of employment, and, if necessary, an assignment letter from the employer containing the following:
    1. details of the duration of the transfer and the location of the host entity or entities;
    2. evidence that you are taking a position as a manager, specialist or trainee employee in the host entity or entities in Malta;
    3. the remuneration as well as other terms and conditions of employment granted during the intra-corporate transfer;
    4. evidence that you are able to transfer back to an entity belonging to that undertaking or group of undertakings established in a third country at the end of the intra-corporate transfer;
  • provide evidence that you have the professional qualifications and experience needed in the host entity to which he is to be transferred as manager or specialist or, in the case of a trainee employee, the university degree required;
  • where applicable, present documentation certifying that you fulfil the conditions laid down under the Recognition of Professional Qualification Regulations to exercise the regulated profession to which the application relate;
  • present a valid travel document and an application for a visa or a visa, if required, whereby Identità may require the period of validity of the travel document to cover at least the period of validity of the intra-corporate transferee permit;
  • provide evidence of having, or of having applied for, a sickness insurance;
  •  present an address in Malta at the time when the intra-corporate transfer permit is issued;
  •  if you have applied to be admitted as a trainee employee you shall be required to present a training agreement relating to the preparation for his or her future position within the undertaking or group of undertakings, including a description of the training programme, which demonstrates that the purpose of the stay is to train the trainee employee for career development purposes or in order to obtain training in business techniques or methods, its duration and the conditions under which the trainee employee is supervised during the programme;
  •  All foreigners who were born or have lived for 6 months or more in a country reported as VERY HIGH-RISK for tuberculosis need to complete the Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permits Application Form every year for 3 consecutive years (a total of 4 years applying for health screening and working in Malta). Applications need to be sent by the employer to the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit (IDCU) on workpermit.idcu@gov.mt. After 3 years renewal of health screening for work permit, the applicant/employee no longer requires any health screening approval by the IDCU and can go directly to Identità;

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