Expatriates Unit Non-EU Nationals – Intra-Corporate Transferee Workers

Expatriates Unit

A third country national who is an intra-corporate worker may apply for a residence permit in Malta in line with Subsidiary Legislation 217.21 Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals in the Framework of an Intra-Corporate Transfer Regulations.


An intra-corporate transfer is a temporary secondment for occupational and training purposes of a third-country national (TCN) from an undertaking established outside Malta to a local entity which is part of the same undertaking. The transfer may also take place from an entity established in another Member State of the EU to a host entity in Malta. Subsidiary Legislation 217.21 regards the Legal Provisions regulating the said processes.


The application for an intra-corporate transferee permit shall be submitted to Identità where the first stay shall take place or if the stay in Malta is the longest overall stay during the transfer.


An application for Intra-Corporate Transferee can be submitted online against a fee of €300.