Expatriates Unit Single Permit – Who is eligible

Expatriates Unit

Third-country nationals who receive a job offer from a company registered and operating in Malta are eligible to apply for a Single Permit that enables them to be employed in the job specified on the application. The employer must also be registered with Jobsplus.


Third-country nationals cannot directly submit an application for a single permit, but their prospective employer needs to apply online on their behalf.


The Expatriates Unit will only proceed with applications where at the time of application the third-country national is, either still in the country of residence (Still Abroad), or holds legal status in Malta, by means of a valid residence permit or Visa.


Should it ensue, during the processing of the application, that the third-country national is not eligible as per the criteria of Subsidiary Legislation 217.17, the application will be refused with no recourse to refund.


Persons who are residing in the Schengen area, including Malta, on the basis of being beneficiaries of a protection certificate (refugee, subsidiary, and temporary humanitarian protection), including those awaiting a decision on their immigration status, are not eligible to apply for a Single Permit.

Crew Members


When a crew member joins a vessel in Malta, the crew member is considered to be abroad. Crew members are given a departure stamp on the passport as soon as they are listed on the crew list. Should any crew member apply for a single work permit, the prospective employer must submit a still abroad application.


Once the applicant is authorized to proceed to Malta in order to take up employment, should the applicant require a visa to enter the Schengen area, the applicant is required to present the Approval in Principle letter together with the visa application form, and other required supporting documents, to the pertinent Maltese Embassy or Maltese Consulate within 180 days of receipt of the approval in principle letter.

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