Expatriates Unit Non-EU Nationals – Single permit

Expatriates Unit

The single permit is regulated by Subsidiary Legislation 217.17. It is a temporary-type permit which authorises third country nationals to legally reside and take up employment in Malta for a defined period of over 6 months which may be further renewed. The single application procedure incorporates an employment license and residence permit.


In accordance with Subsidiary Legislation 217.17, an application may be submitted when the third-country national is either still abroad, that is, outside the Schengen area or when legally staying in the Maltese territory or another Schengen state.


The single permit does not entitle holders to:


  • carry out paid duties assigned by parties other than the identified employer;
  • carry out unauthorised work not related to the specific employment activity indicated in their application;
  • be assigned duties outside the Maltese territory.