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By Post by sending an email on: for Malta and for Gozo.


Visiting the Public Registry: The notification of a birth can be made by visiting the Malta Public Registry Offices in Mater Dei Hospital, Msida, or in Onda Building, Aldo Moro Road, Marsa in the case of a birth in Malta and the Gozo Public Registry, George Borg Olivier Street, Victoria, if the birth occurred in Gozo. Public Registry staff will assist the parent/s in completing the ‘Declaration of Notification of Birth Form’.


The parent/s of a child born in Malta is/are obliged to notify the birth within fifteen (15) days of birth.


Once the Act of Birth is registered the parent/s is/are informed by SMS or email. The Birth Certificate can then be ordered from the Public Registry website




The documentation required to complete a notification of birth includes the original ‘Notification of Birth of a Baby’ certificate issued by the hospital where the birth occurred and the parent/s identification documents.


Other documentation, depending upon the civil status of the parent/s may be required.
 A payment of €2.60 is levied for every birth registered.


There are exceptional cases where the birth notification process cannot be done online or by post. In such cases, the parents need to visit the Public Registry Offices in Marsa, Mater Dei Hospital, Msida, or the Gozo Public Registry, in Victoria, if the birth took place in Gozo to complete the Birth Notification.
The Public Registry requires original documents for registration purposes. Documents presented to the Public Registry, are retained indefinitely in its archives. Public documents that are not in the English language must be translated into Maltese or English. In cases where one or several fields are in a language other than the English or Maltese language, a translation of these fields is necessary for processing the document. Further information can be obtained from the following LINK - Policy for the recognition of foreign public documents by Identità.

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