Expatriates Unit EU Nationals – eResidence Document Application

Expatriates Unit

Malta has a constitutive system for the issuance of eResidence document and EU and EEA Nationals who will be taking up residence in Malta for longer than three (3) months may register their interest to apply by sending an e-mail to: eu.identita@gov.mt.

The e-mail should contain:


  • Name and surname of the applicant;
  • Nationality and country of residence prior to coming to Malta;
  • Passport number;
  • In the case of a renewal or where applicant held previous eResidence document, the residence number (format: 0xxxxxA);
  • Purpose of residence in Malta: employment, study, economic self-sufficient, family member.

The Agency will respond to such requests within 48 working-hours, sending the applicant a date and time for the biometrics appointment, accompanied by the applicable form that needs to be filled and the list of documents that need to be presented at the time of appointment.
On the day of the appointment, identification is carried out by means of the presentation of an identity card or passport.
Applicants are required to be on time and provide all the documents required in both the original format as well as a copy that will be retained by the Agency.

  • Form E – Exempt

  • GDPR Form

  • Form ID 1A